Our Partners

In our tireless journey to find the actions that can generate a direct and impactful result, we work every day to add more partners to our organization. Get to know them and support them.

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Fundación Niños de los Andes


A non-profit organization led by Papá Jaime, since 1992. Their goal is to protect y rehabilitate children and teenagers at risk, living in a vulnerable environment or abandoned by their parents or relatives. They work on 6 main areas: prevention, rights restoration, psychosocial intervention, personal development, family support, and strengthening and preparation for social inclusion. desarrollo personal, apoyo y fortalecimiento de familias y preparación para la inclusión social.



A non-profit organization created in 1999, whose mission is to protect children in Venezuela, they work on three levels. Childhood protection, Prevention in Communities and Women empowerment. They focus on giving temporal home, psychological aid, health programs, family strengthening, and nutritional support within those levels.

Activistas Constructivos


They are a non-profit Foundation Incubator that has been supporting social leaders organizations in Latin America since 2015 so that they can create and strengthen their Foundations. They handle 6 main lines of action: Personalized mentoring and coaching sessions, certified courses by a prestigious University in Colombia, Networking and events for Foundations, coworking activities exclusive for Foundations too, a platform to connect donors and volunteers with foundations free online educational videos created by activists members on YouTube

“A life not lived to the services of the others is not a life”. Madre Teresa de Calcuta

Our Partners

In our tireless journey to find the actions that can generate a direct and impactful result, we work every day to add more partners to our organization. Get to know them and support them.

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Fundación SERES


A non-profit foundation born in 2006 whose goal is to provide integral attention to adults, children, and teenagers with disabilities, special education needs, and highly vulnerable situations. They help children from 6 years old up to adults, with a minimum time of care of 4 hours per day up to 24/7 full care provision, giving them health check-ups, educational services, artistic sessions, and vocational activities.

Hogar Bambi


Private, non-profit civil association that since 1996 provides comprehensive care to boys, girls and young people between 0 and 18 years old, in vulnerable situations (abandonment, mistreatment, sexual abuse, indigence, extreme poverty, with parents with problems (law, substance abuse), among others “Reintegrating each of our children into a safe family environment is our challenge.”

Fundación IDEO


Fundación enfocada en la creación de nuevos proyectos educativos, con las necesidades reales y actuales de los estudiantes como eje vertebrador del trabajo de enseñanza y aprendizaje.

Acción 2023: beca completa a más de 60 estudiantes en competencias digitales en programa educativo de 10 meses.

Desarrollo de proyecto educativo con la Fundación IDEO (Argentina)

Acciones colectivas en Venezuela

Donación de alimentos para organizaciones en el estado Carabobo: Casa Hogar María Auxiliadora, Casa Hogar Febres Cordero, Siervas del Santísimo Sacramento y Fundación Refugios Pana (noviembre de 2022 y febrero 2023).

Donación de juguetes de segunda mano en perfecto estado, recaudados en Francia para Fundación Las Palmas, en Charallave, estado Miranda y Siervas del Santísimo Sacramento, en Valencia, estado Carabobo (diciembre, 2022).

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Fundación Integral Agua de Vida


Acción 2022: apoyo en actividad de Navidad (diciembre, 2022).

Fundación Verdaderos Héroes


A non-profit foundation created in 2012 focused on children, teenaged mothers, and household mothers living in vulnerable situations. They received training and psychological support through a variety of workshops to work on their self-esteem and values. They create dolls woven with purpose, they represent superheroes who fight against inequalities.

Asociación civil Santi y sus amigos


A non-profit organization created to support children who suffer chronic diseases at the J.M. de Los Ríos Hospital. They cover all the necessities, from basic needs up to treatments and medical surgeries, implementing a series of social programs, and medical and humanitarian assistance in places with and under the proper conditions.

Fundación Dibujando Sonrisas


They are a non-profit Foundation that works to benefit the Children Oncological Hospital in Anzóategui, Venezuela. Their mission is to draw a smile in every child battling to recover from their disease. They do it by creating events in the Hospital to give moments of joy on birthdays, holidays, and more, as well as external fundraising.

Fundación Dar Más Que Recibir


They are a non-profit Foundation that has been carrying out social programs throughout the neediest communities in the area, attending homeless population and vulnerable people, from children to elders. This Foundation also works with patients who live in extreme poverty and are held in hospitals due to medical conditions. Additionally, they have a program called “Ayúdame a estudiar” created to donate scholar kits for children.